Create an unique lighting fixture

Create a unique lighting fixture for your interior using your own design.
More than 10 000 combined models in our easy construction kit.


We follow decoration trends and every season we add new colors, lines, silhouettes and textures to our collections. LAMP4YOU: German quality – your design!

Quality standards

LAMP4YOU lighting fixtures undergo quality control at 3 stages of manufacture and meet high technologies of functional lighting.

Product range and styles

The collection is presented in 5 Series: Classic, Provence, Modern, Eclectic and High-tech as well as supplemented with designer’s development of related lighting for balanced interior decoration.

Color and textures

Models in modern and classical style are presented in the palette of various colors and textures. Choose a color range and original lampshade patterns, brighten with crystal glass sets.

Look How convenient it is

Immerse yourself in creativity together with with unique LAMP4YOU construction kit.

Advantages of selection with our construction kit

Compare a regular selection method (for example, shopping) and on-line creation of a lighting fixture with the help of the construction kit.
regular selection method
selection with the help of our construction kit
Exhaustible selection process
Search for an ideal lighting fixture takes a lot of time, and the result is not always a 100% match.
Easy selection from 10 000 models
On-line create your dream lighting fixture for 10 minutes. The very thing you need! Without tiresome wandering through shopping rooms.
Similar but not the very thing
Retail and internet shops offer models with no consideration for peculiarities of your interior. Time-consuming search might not lead to any success.
Everything can be adjusted for you
Choose a color, shape, style, shades and patterns as you wish. Decorate your model with crystals! Experiment with color shades!
No product availability for the same collection
There are often no related products from the same collection in the stock and you have to accept a compromise.
All the product line in the same style
While choosing a chandelier, you can be sure that you pick up a wall lamp, desk lamp, floor lamp or pendant lamp of the same series and same design as your chandelier.
Need to fit the budget
The shop product range is presented in different price segments. The model you liked might cost a fortune.
Single price range
All designer’s combinations have a single price and, moreover, an affordable one. Make ready-made solutions to suit your financial capabilities.
You are tired of mass design
The most of manufacturers offer the same products. Did you have situations when any element of interior was repeated at your friends?
Become an author of your own lighting fixture
Try a designer’s role and create what will be a one-of-a-kind and unrepeatable item while satisfying exclusively your aesthetics needs.

How it works

LAMP4YOU made a selection process to be the easiest and most comfortable one. Three steps are from an idea to its implementation.
Improvise with your design and develop your exclusive solution with the help of the construction kit
02.Process and pay
Fill in a simple order form on the website and choose a suitable payment method
03.Take your order
Receive your order using a self-pickup service or courier delivery

Ready-made solutions

For your convenience, our designers developed a catalogue of ready-made solutions, every one of which can be improved by you independently.

Try it now

Create your own design solution for lighting. Our helpful style guide will lead you to the perfect result.

Цвета и текстуры

Для каждого абажура доступно 33 оттенка и 10 орнаментов, нанесенных вручную. Выбирайте то, что подходит именно Вам!

Manufacture of lighting fixtures

However wide the product range of modern decorative lighting shops, sometimes it is very difficult to select a suitable model for your interior whether it pertains to a residential house, office, restaurant or club. Do not waste your time for ineffective search - create a lighting fixture with customized design in LAMP4YOU* on-line construction kit.

How dows it works?

A working principle of our service to make a lighting fixture is very simple. To create a unique source of interior lighting, you should

  • Choose a type and item number of the fittings for your lighting fixture. Five the most popular style options: Classic, Provence, Modern, Hi-Tech and Eclectic are available.
  • Choose your fitting color.
  • Define a shape and design of your lampshades. The construction kit* has cone-type and cylindrical lampshades of various colors with unique patterns created by our designers.
  • Process the order to manufacture your lighting fixture.

As soon as we receive your order request, our manager will immediately contact you to clarify terms of cooperation and time of lighting fixture delivery and to confirm parameters of payment and product shipment.

With the help of our construction kit*, not leaving your home, you will create a one-of-a-kind source of decorative lighting and process an order for its assembly!

We offer to order:

  • ceiling chandeliers;
  • desk lamps;
  • floor lamps (torcheres);
  • wall lamps (wall-mounting lighting fixtures).

Manufacture features

While manufacturing custom-designed lighting fixtures, we

  • work precisely in accordance with the custom-made model created in the construction kit*;
  • control product quality at each stage of manufacture: from material selection to performance check before delivery to customers;
  • meet all technical requirements for structure and performance capability of lighting fixtures including fire safety requirements.

Manufacture stages

As soon as you have processed the order to manufacture a source of interior lighting with customized design and agreed all terms of cooperation with our manager, the model will be sent for manufacture. We select components in our stock and use them to assemble your unique lighting fixture. Prior to delivering the lighting fixture to you, we must check it for operation and safety.